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LogicApt was established in 2014 with the vision of simplifying IP research. With a singular mission to serve our clients with the Best-in-Class services. We have succeeded to gain the trust of our client(s) by providing customized solutions on a secured platform with our experience and expertise.

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With our unbounded search methodologies, we provide actionable results, which help client(s) to move forward.

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We understand the criticality of synergy between verticals that results in effective utilization of time and resources.

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With the vision of long-term engagement, by working as our client’s extended team, our expert(s) delicately assist them to achieve their targets.

Value to Excellence

Our Skill(s) inspire us, that’s the reason we hate to discount them.

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Patent Troll villain0

Patent Troll: The Villain in Intellectual Property.

A patent troll by definition is a person or company who enforces patent rights against accused infringers with an objective to collect licen
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cool inventions1

Cool Inventions,patent : How far can a human imagination go?

Well, from the weird and crazy to the downright out of the box inventions, get ready to be baffled by taking your imagination to an unknown
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New patent cover designed for 10th Million Patent in USPTO

According to Under Secretary of commerce for intellectual property and the director of director of the USPTO “Andrei lancu” The USPTO is goi
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Invention not patented0

Famous invention that did not benefits to inventors

History says that the surest path to wealth is an invention. Scientists, engineers, and other people are working hard on the inventions to g
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Intellectual Property Career1

Choose IPR Industry for your Careers Growth

You must be searching on Google and taking advice from your friends or attending some career counselor for your Career. It may be your first
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wind turbine design3

Wind Turbines-Current Trends

The advancement in technology is sometimes boon to the human-kind. Recently the major attention is shifted towards the renewable power gener
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Blockchain Feature0

Blockchain and its future

Certainly yes, for next few decades. Before discussing about Block-chain let’s give a shot what it is. Block-chain technology was invented b
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patent invalidity search logicapt0

Patent Invalidation Search | Validity Search

Patent invalidity/validity searches are led to either approve the cases made by a patent or to negate at least one cases of a contender's pa
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logicpat Mohawk tribe sues Microsoft0

Mohawk tribe sues Microsoft, Amazon for patent encroachment

SRC Labs exchanged some patent rights to the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe in August. The tribe recorded claims against Microsoft and Amazon, gua
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patent News logicapt0

Nasdaq Awarded Patent for Block Chain Data Matching System.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted trade administrator Nasdaq a patent for a proposed blockchain-based information coordinatin
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apple news logicapt0

Apple hit with $440M in harms in VirnetX patent claim

Judge issues last judgment in a fight in court with the patent holder that started in 2010. Apple's years-long fight in court with VirnetX m
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BlackBerry Patent0

BlackBerry patent approving executive proclaims he has left organization

A key lawyer executing BlackBerry Ltd's patent authorizing procedure has left the organization, the second late takeoff from the group entru
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BlackBerry Patent0

BlackBerry achieves arrangement to end patent battle with cell phone producer.

BlackBerry Ltd. has achieved a settlement in a patent debate with cell phone producer Blu Products. The two organizations say they have cons
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Nokia NEws0

Nokia attentions on patent, brand and technology licensing

Increased concentrate on advanced wellbeing and brand and innovation authorizing adjusted with upgraded interests in virtual reality Planned
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allergans news logicapt0

Wellbeing underwriters and bland medication producers inquire Congress to watch Allergan patent game pla.

The gather is the most recent to approach officials to look at Allergan's disputable patent arrangement. Allergan exchanged all patents for
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amazon logicapt news0

Amazon documents patent for conveying selective automatons (drones) in India

The firm says the proposed automatons can likewise be utilized to recognize other such questions, alongside flying machine, handling inside
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Henry Waxman0

Waxman hits out at Allergan patent manage Mohawk tribe

Democrat blames US drug maker for blocking rivalry from nonspecific opponents The draftsman of the point of interest enactment that built up
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Dry eye medicine logicapt1

Dry eye medicine is behind Allergan’s controversial patent contract

For Ronit Zemel, a Washington, D.C.- based Jewish instructor, the physician endorsed solution Restasis—which she took to recuperate eye harm
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patentability news1

Breaking News: Patentability load of modified claims on Petitioner

Minutes prior the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit issued its eagerly awaited choice in Aqua Products, Inc. v. Matal,
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IP updates logicapt1

Intellectual Property Updates

Date: 4th October 2017 What do enormous pharma and American Indian tribes have in like manner? Until fourteen days back, not a mess. In any
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machine learning and artificial intelligence logicapt1

Unwise patents are slow down Artificial Intelligence and machine learning: EFF

Every month, the patent legal counselors at the Electronic Frontier Foundation sparkle a focus on one specific patent they accept is a delay
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Patentability Search0

What is Patentability Search?

A patentability search is a one of the basic kind of prior art search conducted on the behalf of a patent application, sometimes it’s called
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Case Study: State of Art logicapt0

The world of Intellectual property

What is LogicApt? LogicApt is a global Intellectual Property & Innovation support service partner for American and European law firms
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LPO Logicapt0

Outsource your legal projects to India

The outsourcing is not new to India. If one studies the market, BPO and KPO Sector are already producing more revenue. But in the field of l
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