White Space Analysis

    White Space Analysis is search performed for finding technical gaps in research field of interest that allows the companies to do research in that particular area.
    LogicApt offers specialized services for white space analysis in a wide range of subject domains like electronics, electrical, networking, hi-tech, computer, and mechanical. A wide analysis covers all possible and important aspects with respect to inventions in your field of innovation and identify reliable strings for innovation.
    The process may be followed as mentioned below:
    1) Understanding of the technology;
    2) Searching Keyword & Class (IPC, US, ECLA) based search to patent extracts/patent applications pertaining to the technology;
    3) Building taxonomy to classify the relevant patents/patent applications;
    4) Identifying the top Assignees & Inventors of the relevant patents/patent applications;
    5) Conducting Assignee, Inventor and Citation based search;
    6) Filtering the relevant patents/patent applications on basis of full text analysis;
    7) Taxonomy classification of the relevant patents/patent applications;
    8) White space identification on the basis of least protected technology domain/sub-domain;
    9) Once a white-space is detected, a targeted search across patent databases should be carried out followed by undertaking a critical manual review of the patents around it, to confirm the existence of a white-space.
    This will help you to develop a better product. By performing a white space analysis, you’ll be able to:
    • Refines research direction by finding new areas for innovation and exclusivity;
    • Enhances product-patent portfolio and it also broadens the scope of existing patents by locating spaces around your patent positions which should perhaps be included in your claim coverage;
    • To take a decision for the future R & D;
    • Helps in the competitive IP analysis and to keep watching the applicants working in the same field.
    This search is focused mostly to guide you towards competitive, defensive, licensing, collaborative, and most importantly, the R&D activities. The analyses involve extensive categorization of patents and patent applications and development of taxonomy in various jurisdictions across a range of sub-domains of studied technology.
    These and several other parameters are plotted together to identify various possible white spaces in the landscape. Not all white spaces that are identified are technologically feasible to fill or work on. The patent experts at our office eliminate the pseudo white spaces to suggest the feasible white spaces having lower density of existing IP. In addition to identifying such white spaces LogicApt has proprietary tools to represent such white spaces in most convincing analytical fashion.

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