Patent Drafting is the first and perhaps the most important step during the entire lifecycle of the patent. No matter how good an invention is, a poorly drafted patent can lead to the loss of rightful return on investment. A poorly drafted patent may have loopholes which a potential infringer may utilize in order to get away with infringement, or worse an assignee may lose the rights at a later stage in case the patent has issues like improper enablement, improper explanation of invention etc.

The efficient way for drafting of Patent application:

  • Sketch a Flowchart of the invention
  • Identify inventive step/novelty of a product or service
  • Identify the processes and steps of the flowchart.
  • Make notes directly on the flowchart.
  • Systematically describe each step of the flowchart.
  • Draft the broadest possible claim and corresponding dependent claims to include the inventive step precisely and completely to benefit in Licensing program, and/or for Litigation against competitors.
  • Update the flowchart and description based on the drafted claims.
  • Edit to the complete specification to form a conventional patent application

LogicApt’s Patent drafting services include:

  • Drafting patent specifications which conform to the standards and requirements of the USPTO and other jurisdictions where you intend to file.
  • We offer customized services such as drafting through written description or claims as required, preparation of drawings, sequence listings, flow charts etc.
  • We provide comprehensive search and analysis support to respond to the search reports, preliminary examination reports and office actions.

LogicApt has provided patent drafting support services to companies across different industries and geographies. We have worked with industry leaders, start-ups, and individual inventors either directly or through their collaborating attorneys. Our focus is on quality, cost-consciousness and personal satisfaction of the client as drafting is subjective in terms of writing style.


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