Specification might be documented either as a provisional or as an entire. A provisional specification is documented alongside a patent application if the candidate feels that the innovation has achieved a phase wherein it can be revealed on paper, however has not accomplished the last stage. It gives the way to set up an early compelling recording date in a non-provisional patent application … ” Pros. Documenting a provisional patent application enables the designer to allude to her or his development, and stamp the item ‘Patent Pending’.

Drafting a patent is an art of techno-legal writing to cover various features of an invention. With the substantial amount of experience in patent drafting, we understand, analyse, interpret and draft patent applications to perfection.

We follow a comprehensive and a meticulous approach to encompass all aspects of the invention, including current and future designs and applications, ascertaining complete protection. Our patent drafting team can expertly draft provisional and non-provisional patent applications in various domains of science and technology.


We discover what is beyond the scope!