Portfolio analysis can be segregated broadly into market analysis or patent portfolio analysis of a particular company to identify its strengths and weaknesses. This analysis can strike a balance between maximising the return and minimising the risk during acquisitions. This analysis helps to review the product or patents or both based on the client requirement This analysis can specifically indicate the strength of particular patents or products that have to chance to over-perform and under-perform.

We work on patent evaluation or strength analysis, for classifying all patents in relation to core, non-core and non-aligned patent assets; to further understand:

Underperforming patents having no economic value or industrial applicability

Unearth licensing opportunities

Future research and development programs and IP investment issues

Portfolio Visualization:
Clustering of all patents into different technology domains (technology/ application based taxonomy).

Patent ranking and tags available on our online dashboard for better view of categorized patents

Creating Product/technology/infringement maps – graphical representation of all your value patents to help you analyze the IP activity across time, technology, products and competitors.


We discover what is beyond the scope!