A Patentability Search sometimes called a Patent Novelty Search or simply a Novelty Search is a search of the prior art (the body of pre-existing knowledge) conducted on behalf of a potential patent applicant.
An investigation that helps to determine whether or not a patent can be obtained and if it makes sense to file a patent application.

Your company’s clients know an effective patent and specialized writing look must be modified to meet correct legitimate and specialized prerequisites, conveyed inside the coveted time span, and investigate every possibility in the quest for data that causes them settle on better IP choices.

A successful patentability seeking program brings many advantages:

  • Reduced arraignment costs because of screening out developments ahead of schedule simultaneously
  • Supporting drafting of conservative, all around made patent applications that spare downstream arraignment costs and enhance remittance rates


Recommended practices while doing Patentability Search on Patent Database Platform

  • Date Restriction: None – The searches are run without any date restrictions since the term novelty itself indicates that the invention should not be known any time before applying for a patent
  • Jurisdiction Restriction: None – Since the novelty and non-obviousness criteria is absolute and across the globe. In fact it would not be wrong to say that any public disclosure or practice of an invention even in a space station (outside this planet) shall be considered as relevant prior art
  • Document Type Restriction: None – Any disclosure in any document or in any reference is considered prior art. It is important and interesting to note that even a non-formal reference such as a comic strip can be used to destroy the patentability of an invention.
  • A patentability study is specific to the novel aspects of the invention. A broad invention covering the concept of the invention but not specific aspects of the invention may not be considered related
  • The volume of non-English literature for patentability projects should not be neglected or underestimated
  • Non patent searches are as important as patent searches in patentability and invalidation searches
  • If a single relevant result directly mapping on all the features searched is found, the project can be terminated immediately without the need of additional searches


In the present patent arraignment world, cost diminishment is vital. Our accomplished inquiry experts draw in with you to comprehend your customers’ key goals, including whether to grow the pursuit to incorporate option epitomes. We utilize an assortment of philosophies, including semi-computerized playbooks and semantic pursuit, which enable us to deal with patentability searches with speed and effectiveness.


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