Patent Watch services deals in monitoring latest published patent applications or granted patents accordingly in client’s field of invention sectioned by technology categories of interest to generate market intelligence.

We distinguish the  Patent documents using categories that have business as well as organizational relevance to clients. A Patent Watch Report were delivered weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or half-yearly depending on client’s requirement.

LogicApt Informatics offer IP Watch services based on Technology, Assignee(s) or Competitor(s). It involves complete package of patent monitoring using following steps:

Technology Watch: Keeps tracking the latest innovations in the field of client’s interest. It can further perform quality analysis of the relevant patents to recognize business opportunities. Our Technology Watch service helps the client to choose the right path for developing his idea to an asset.

Assignee Watch: Keeps tracking the latest publications for both patents and patent applications for relevant competitors. It allows the clients to follow the IP activity of their competitive assignee’s and R&D strategies. Assignee tracking services are useful for clients those are interested to search for any kind of patents whether abandoned, expired, or rejected patents in the interested particular domain to use that technology without any legal risks.

Trademark Search: Trademark Searching on a worldwide scale requires committed staff, access to trademark databases and a system of dependable outside operators. It additionally requires up significant investment that could be better spent on more vital customer work.

That is the reason we can oversee it for you. Our extensive inquiry arrangements permit law offices worldwide the chance to enable customers to grow and secure their basic brands, with administrations running from membership look databases to modified reports created and conveyed by our group of expert investigators.

We help our clients determine the viability of the proposed trademarks for use. It is important to check if the proposed trademark does not infringe the earlier rights. Even after registration of the trade mark, carrying out searches regularly is advisable as this is the only way to efficiently defend your trademark.


We discover what is beyond the scope!