When it comes to patent translation, we understand that correctness and subject knowledge are paramount, particularly when millions of dollars are involved in intellectual assets and vital research and business decisions are at stake.

Patent translation services are one of the most technically and linguistically challenging translation disciplines. It resides at the crossroads of two specialized translation fields: legal translation and technical translation. Patent translation necessitates the close collaboration between translators and project managers with wide experience in the patent industry, as well as modified workflows and quality management systems in order to deliver correct translations within the tight turnaround times.

LogicApt is one of patent translation agencies that have established its brand among one of the top IP services companies.

Our clients include the corporate IP departments of main multinationals, as well as leading Law firms. Our patent translation is done by native language translators with experience in patent translation and with suitable knowledge of applicable laws, accepted practices and regulatory directives for the designated country. The Patent Translation Service Provider wants to have in depth information of the subject matter that the patent relates to. All of our patent translators have wide experience in patent translation and are thoroughly screened previous to being accepted to work with us.

All translations undergo a thorough quality check by a capable proof-reader to make sure accuracy and language correctness. If necessary, claims and other critical texts can be reviewed by Patent Attorney to make sure legal accuracy.

Translated patents are formatted in the right patent format; we conform to the guidelines of the local patent office, make sure that patent applications are received with no problems or rejections. Patent drawings are translated and can be lettered again if necessary.

We also offer expert translation of patents into English for your prior art search, as well as translation of court documents in patent litigation cases.

We provide translation in all major world languages

We translate several million words every year from Dutch, German and French into English for large MNCs, engineering and law firm clients throughout Europe, USA and India. We have a large set of dictionaries in these languages. We have, in fact, planned a translation strategy and glossary management system for numerous large companies. Every document we handle is post edited to make sure the highest quality of translation. Glossaries are compiled for large scale projects.


We discover what is beyond the scope!