A File History is a legal record of every communication between the inventor/his representative and the patent office. The file history of a Patent record all the communication between the patent office and the applicant to become a power tool in litigation proceedings and formulation of licensing strategies.

The File History is important to claim interpretation because the applicant and/ or the examiner may have provided explanations, or clarifications as it cannot be detected in the patent specifications. It is important in assessing the scope of protection of the claim by checking the statements made during prosecution of that patent. One can actually identify whether the claim is narrow or broad which may not be clear at first glance.

Benefits of File History Analysis

  • Find important information quickly.
  • Uncover references and concessions made during the Patent Examination process.
  • Prosecute Patents and Trademarks with authority.

LogicApt’s experienced team performs in-depth analysis of all correspondence between the examiner at patent office and the applicant available at file wrapper/patent register and support clients in licensing, litigation or infringement analysis.

We offer file history review and analysis services through trained team of engineers and paralegals who review the patent file wrapper to provide value added intelligence. Thorough review of independent patent claims and its file wrapper, the report reflects:

  • Comprehensive report combining numerous pages of File Wrapper
  • Evolution of application highlights the rejections, reference cited
  • Course of amendments, the independent claim underwent during prosecution


We discover what is beyond the scope!