Competitive search is done over products and patents of the competitors to have brief and detailed knowledge and recent developments of the competitor(s). In other words, it refers to a systematic process that includes the collection and analysis of information based on strengths, weaknesses and future intentions of competitors. It helps you to identify that what kind of threat you may face in the future with respect to their financial well being and also it provides what kind of opportunities are in front of you based on competitor’s strength and weakness.

We at LogicApt are well expertised in this subject matter provides customized Competitive Benchmark studies address specific questions regarding the IP portfolios and R&D strategies of your key competitors, either independently or relative to your own market position.

Our report visualizes how your competitors manage their intellectual assets can help determine their future strategies, which in turn will help you assess your own organizational position vis- a- vis other competitors in the industry. For example, what kind of patent filing and prosecution strategy the competitor has been following, how the competitor is aggressive in their own research or acquisition of product/ IP from rival companies, their patent litigation strategy etc helps you to design your business strategy.

Understanding your competitors in highly accurate detail, constructed from your viewpoint rather than the neutral view of a typical market review, means you can identify threats to your market share and discover strategic gaps ripe for exploitation.

These insights of your competitors help your teams is well-directed towards understanding and of their current and future potential markets.


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