A claim chart is utilized to demonstrate how an item (or an administration) has infringed on a patent, commonly a utility patent. To demonstrate the case, the patent proprietor must demonstrate that the item or administration being referred to encroaches on each part of the claims. Claim charts separate confounded claims into effectively read contentions that the two gatherings can utilize when choosing a case. They additionally make it less demanding to bargain and consult with the opposite side.

The claim chart separates a claim by its particular components. It does not need to cover the completely patent claim, and can just spotlight on the parts of the claim that is legitimate. Most attorneys concur that the claim chart is just on a par with the claims that it contains. In the event that it does not contain all the claim dialect, a court cannot decide if encroachment has occurred.

There are distinctive sorts of claim charts. Summed up ones are ordinarily utilized as a part of permitting methodologies. Charts that are more complex are utilized to show encroachment and to decide conceivable elucidations of the claims when legitimate groups get ready to document a claim.

We undertake claim charting projects in multiple technology disciplines, depending on client’s requirements and business objectives. Claim charts are combined with other analysis such as invalidation, infringement, due diligence and licensing support services. Detailed element wise mapping of infringed claim is provided to justify the infringement or invalidation of the IP rights.


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