Freedom to operate Search (Clearance Search), is used to understand the risk of potential infringement prior to launching a new product into the marketplace. Read more

A Patent Validity Search or Patent Invalidity Search is an exhaustive Prior Art Search conducted after patent issuance. The purpose of the search is either to validate the enforceability of a patent’s claims or to invalidate one or more claims of a patent. Read More

Designed to provide up-to-date information about progress in a specific technical field, a State of the Art Search is the broadest and most general of all the prior art searches. It is essentially a survey that takes a broad, sweeping look at everything that has been done in a given art. Read More

A Patent Infringement (patent to product mapping) Search, seeks to determine whether any product infringes in-force patent claim(s). If such infringement exists, you will be aware of it and can make the appropriate business decision.
A patent infringement (patent to product mapping) search is conducted to find relevant products in specific jurisdiction after the required date without the permission of the patent holder. Read Maore

IP looks relating to organic arrangements is centered on either nucleic corrosive successions (DNA or RNA) or amino corrosive groupings (Proteins/Peptides). A plenty of existing patent and non-patent writing is on natural groupings and accordingly this hunt compose is of incredible hugeness to the rising players in the field of IP. Read More

Patent Watch services deals in monitoring latest published patent applications or granted patents accordingly in client’s field of invention sectioned by technology categories of interest to generate market intelligence.

We distinguish the  Patent documents using categories that have business as well as organizational relevance to clients. A Patent Watch Report were delivered weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or half-yearly depending on client’s requirement. Read More


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