Our Team

Abhay Goel


Abhay Goel is the founder and CEO of LogicApt Informatics Pvt. Ltd. He is responsible for the Business development and client engagement, including meetings and discussions with prospect clients to associate a long-term relationship. He has been involved in the Marketing and Business Development of Products and Services (Patent Search and Support Services). In his current role, he is responsible for achieving Revenue goals, hiring, overseeing, motivating and managing the sales team.

Parveen Goel


Parveen Goel is currently working as the CFO (Chief financial Officer) of the company. He is graduate in electronics and Communication from National Institute of technology (NIT) kurukshetra. Afterwards he completed his MBA. He served RIL (Reliance Industries Limited) as VP (Vice President) at Dahej Petrochemical Complex. He is having experience of more than 37 years in petrochemical, fertilizers and power plant management. Other than this he also has expertise in GE Gas turbines, LM 6000 aero derivative Gas turbines, Large centrifugal and reciprocating compressors, DCS systems, ESD and PLCs, F&G systems, HT/LT electrical systems, Cross country hydrocarbon pipelines, Semiconductors, various materials used for cryogenic/highly corrosive/high temperature services. In LogicApt he is responsible for managing the finance department, SEZ compliances and for making healthy Client Relations.

Anil Sujit Kumar

Vice President- Operation

Anil Sujit Kumar is an expert in the intellectual property related services having experience of more than eight years. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University. He has diversified domain experience in Aviation, Oil & Gas, Electrical Vehicles, Block-chain, Biomedical Devices, Home Appliances, Electronics, Internet of Things (IoT), Optical Sensors, GPS, Telecommunications, Network Security & Connectivity Solutions, Electrical Machines. His core responsibility is on innovation foundation, business planning, operations, patent infringement, prior art searches, office actions.

Vishal Gupta

Team Lead- Operation

Vishal Gupta is currently working as Team Lead and has been with the company since July 2014. He holds a degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering from PTU. His core responsibility is to provide training to the team, manage Infringement Analysis, Validity/ Invalidity Searches, clearance searches (FTO), patentability searches, Office action and wrap the project with quality. His expertise is in Optical Fibre, IR, X-ray, Laser, Barcode Scanner, Optical Mouse, Optical Sensor, Optical Camera, Autofocus, CCD (Charge-coupled device) and Optical Computing and telecommunication.

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