Basic types of Intellectual property

Intellectual property relates to anything originated or created from human mind. Intellectual property rights are the rights given to a creator for his creation by the government. Following are the benefits of protecting your intellectual property: It provides monopoly to exclude the competition. It helps to generate revenue. It facilitates technology cross-licensing. Attracts investors. It […]

Why it’s important for start-ups to file patents

There has been a lot of literature going around the Internet regarding the importance of filing patents, especially for start-ups. Opinions both in favour of, and against this proposal have been gathering storm, and there has been no conclusive outcome on the ongoing debate. Why the debate after all? Here is why: Inventions and innovations have become […]

F-Term Vs IPC/CPC For Japanese Patents

Explanation of F-Term Classifications F-Term is a multidimensional classification system consists of a theme and multiple viewpoints. There are about 2,600 Themes which can be further divided to form 380,000 different classifications. The notation of F-term is shown below. Theme code: represents a technical field Viewpoint: analyses the theme (material, purpose, operation, manufacturing, etc.) Figure: […]