A Patentability Search sometimes called a Patent Novelty Search or simply a Novelty Search is a search of the prior art (the body of pre-existing knowledge) conducted on behalf of a potential patent applicant.
An investigation that helps to determine whether or not a patent can be obtained and if it makes sense to file a patent application.

Your company’s clients know an effective patent and specialized writing look must be modified to meet correct legitimate and specialized prerequisites, conveyed inside the coveted time span, and investigate every possibility in the quest for data that causes them settle on better IP choices.

A successful patentability seeking program brings many advantages:

  • Reduced arraignment costs because of screening out developments ahead of schedule simultaneously
  • Supporting drafting of conservative, all around made patent applications that spare downstream arraignment costs and enhance remittance rates

patentability Search LogicaptLogicapt Informatics joins best-in-class procedures and assets with genuine inventiveness, making us the business pioneer in patent and non-patent writing searches for patentability. We can bolster your customers’ needs with numerous plans of action – from single searches to organized, high-volume programs playing out all your patentability searches in view of the standard, characterized parameters. What’s more, by putting innovative systems into play, we convey the understanding your customers require, engaging you to enable them to settle on basic business and legitimate choices with certainty.

In the present patent arraignment world, cost diminishment is vital. Our accomplished inquiry experts draw in with you to comprehend your customers’ key goals, including whether to grow the pursuit to incorporate option epitomes. We utilize an assortment of philosophies, including semi-computerized playbooks and semantic pursuit, which enable us to deal with patentability searches with speed and effectiveness.

These approaches enable us to look proficiently and recognize the best references rapidly. We limit the time spent on accumulation and amplify the time spent on audit and investigation. Therefore, your customers get the best esteem and incredible outcomes immediately, even with an exceptionally restricted spending plan. We help you to spare both time and cash.