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Patent invalidity/validity searches are led to either approve the cases made by a patent or to negate at least one cases of a contender’s patent. It is the initial step taken by an organization when looked with a patent infringement claim. Legitimacy searches are additionally directed to check the quality of an allowed patent while investigating the accessible permitting choices.

An Invalidity Search is a prior art search done after patent issues. The motivation behind an invalidity (or legitimacy) search is to discover prior art that the patent analyst neglected with the goal that a patent can be announced invalid. As a searcher, we are relied upon to dive profound into the area to discover basic prior art neglected by the patent analyst, which would enable the customer to challenge another’s patent (“invalidity”) or be set up to safeguard a patent infringement assertion by a contender (“legitimacy”)

How We Differ from Others

We have effectively taken care of 500+ search cases. We offer Worldwide Search and also Native Search with the scope of over the USA and The Europe. We additionally give Multi-lingual Searches including Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese, German, Polish, French.

Consolidating Manual and Automated Search

Altered Report Formats according to Client Requirements


Invalidation Searches are a standout amongst the most premium prior art searches offered by our firm. We have effectively shielded a few customers from patent trolls and infringement suits, by distinguishing basically important prior art utilizing inventive search methodologies and nullifying possibly hazardous patents.

  • Effectively finished more than 500+ searches
  • Multi-lingual searches including Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese, German, Polish, French.
  • Supplementary searches (offered after the last answer) to fill any holes in the search
  • Worldwide search through scope of The US and The Europe
  • Focused cost choices: $45 – $50 every hour.

Search Reports

  • Efficient search reports arranged upon point by point examination
  • Shading coded assert charts
  • Pertinent content featuring in patent PDFs
  • Claim/key component investigation.

Logicapt gives tweaked patent approval or legitimacy Search reports, additionally, give between time refreshes time to time to keep the customers refreshed about the search advance. Supplementary Search (after definite report if required).

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