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What is LogicApt?

LogicApt is a global Intellectual Property & Innovation support service partner for American and European law firms & corporations. The company is set up by the most experienced member in the industry has more than 6-8 years of practice in Intellectual property and Innovation support services.

LogicApt works with a particular mission to enhance the execution of our customers, and to gives unparalleled vital licensed innovation examine and patent inquiry answers to address the hazard, productivity, benefit and adequacy objectives of our customers in North America and Europe.

LogicApt worked with more than 500 clients all around the America and Europe and the field of patentability search, patent searches and we are counting more on it. We search in the field such as Mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronic engineering, software, Biomedical technology, semiconductors, Optical fiber Technology, wireless technology and we are counting more on it. We have a wide range of IP research practice area:LogicApt

Why LogicApt?

  • End to end client services: From IP ID to Post Security management
  • We provide 100% customized, scalable, and flexible working.
  • Provide services over a geographical region, Built up associations and comprehension of law in various nations.
  • We Provide searches in many languages Such as English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Italian and many other languages preferred by the client.
  • We have fully dedicated and technology specialist team with more than 8-9 years of experience in IP Domain.
  • We are cost effective: Competitive at fraction of the traditional cost

Services we offered by LogicApt

Patentability search

A patentability Search incorporates looking for the prior earlier expressions, as distributed patent applications, issued licenses, articles, items, and whatever other production, with the purpose of making sense of if documenting your patent application looks good.

At LogicApt, we focus on being the accomplices in giving the basic and vital specialized mastery in shifted areas. Along these lines giving US patent pursuit and European patent inquiry in addition to worldwide patent hunt support to our customers.

Freedom to Operate Search

A Freedom-to-Operate (FTO) examination assumes a key part in IP procedure. FTO seek recognizes, limits, and oversees hazard while distinguishing ranges where patent scope for certain innovation is absent.

Flexibility to-work seek is regularly alluded to as a free look.

Importance to FTO

 FTO seek is a strategy to recognize existing IP that may subject your organization to patent-encroachment risk.

  • Freedom to Operate is an assessment that offers an item to patent mapping.
  • FTO includes seeking dynamic/live licenses that cover with the key elements of the item.
  • Grants freedom in propelling items with no issue of patent encroachments.

Patent Validity Search

 Patent Validity Search or patent invalidity Search is broad earlier workmanship looks through that frame the key segment which helps in assembling a successful hostile and protective prosecution technique.

Patent legitimacy seek is otherwise called patent shortcoming look.

The LogicApt group comprises of experienced patent experts, patent operators, who have effectively dealt with more than 500 deficiency looks.

LogicApt takes after an exceptionally one of a kind and straightforward organization for reports that assistance to the customers to utilize the examination in a flash.

Claim chart construction

 To help the offended party or the resistance to successfully strategize their case, it is basic to tear down the claim components with the goal that it can be viable mapped onto the item as well as to its elements, that are under case risk.

Along these lines a nitty-gritty Claim Charts or confirmation of utilization outlines are to be set up from different sources by burrowing item reports, item directs and manuals, different dependable stages that examine the item in detail. This gives a true feel to patent particulars and through specialized contentions to help our discoveries for claims development.

File Wrapper

A Patent File Wrapper contains all records identified with a specific patent application. Patent document wrapper is an extensive rundown of patent record history that has in its records every correspondence between the creator, patent lawyer and the patent office.

Patent File Wrapper Inclusions

 Legitimate records of the patent application including outlines and drawings; proclamations made by the candidate; and records of authority activities by the Patent Office, meetings of the candidate led by the Patent Office; a rundown of every single such thing are assembled.

Significance of Patent File Wrapper

 Patent file wrapper investigation ends up plainly helpful for patent authorizing transactions, patent encroachment examination or patent case procedures. The designers and paralegal specialists can mine out particular prepared data that can be utilized as immediate fit by our customers to play out an assortment of the investigation.

BioSequence or Structure Search

 Biological Sequence Searches concentrated on organic groupings viz. DNA, RNA and Peptide successions, gives completely filed records utilizing institutionalized phrasing close by full bibliographic information of all organic grouping data from licenses.

Sequence or structure search in Chemistry

 In science, grouping examination contains systems used to decide the succession of a polymer shaped of a few monomers. In atomic science and hereditary qualities, a similar procedure is called just “sequencing”.

State of Art

 State-of-the-art is a far-reaching up and coming data of a chose field of innovation. It is patent and non-patent seeking at the wide level that gives an all-encompassing photo of the significant field.

Patent Portfolio Management

 Patent Portfolio Management is intended to drive the choices for the different licenses held by an organization in a way that is best adapted to a focused business setting.

LogicApt arranges and ranks the licenses of the customer subsequent to considering the basic parameters of business development, innovation patterns, and financial in addition to rivalry factors. The patent to product mapping

A specific administration for the innovation-based companies who have a considerable measure of their speculations and stake on their licenses, R&D, and their items.

Logic apt does patent to product mapping on Internal perspective and competitor’s perspective.

About Person Behind Logic Apt

Abhay Goel

 Abhay Goel is Funder | CEO of LogicApt Informatics. He is a seasoned business development professional whose responsibility includes meeting and discussing with Prospect Clients to associate in a long-term relationship. He has been involved in the Marketing and Business Development of Products and Services (Patent Search and Support Services). He has a strong communications skills developed over time dealing with IP managers, C-level executives, General Counsels, Corporate Strategy staff and head of R&D in various organizations. In his current role, Abhay is responsible for achieving Revenue goals, hiring, overseeing, motivating and managing the sales team. He graduated from LPU in Pharmaceutical Science and have MBA in marketing and operation.


 Patent Research and Analytics, Novelty Assessment, Litigation Support, Patent Drafting, Claim Charts, Patent-to-Product Mappings, Patent Licensing, Technology Scouting. White Space Analysis, Infringement exploitation


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