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Famous invention that did not benefits to inventors

History says that the surest path to wealth is an invention. Scientists, engineers, and other people are working hard on the inventions to get gains on it. However, in some cases, the invention and his hard work for inventor did not work.

Here, let us see top three inventors and his inventions that did not turn a profit for different reasons. However, there are the trendsetters.

Ron Klein (didn’t patent it)

Ron Klein is the typical man who makes many unexpected things daily. He is the Godfather of potentials and he created many things.Magnetic strip LARon’s newest Patent is for devices that allows a visually impaired person the capability to recognize an item when in physical range of that item. It uses a smartphone and distinct coded adhesive labels.

However, the most significant creation of Ron is the “magnetic credit card strip. He never patented this well-known invention so all corporation who make cash card swiftly adopted it.

Douglas Engelbart (Narrow claim)

Doug Engelbart made the computer mouse in easily 1960s in his research lab at Stanford research institute (now SRI International).First mouse LA

In 1964, Doug Engelbart develop the first prototype for his invention and he gained the patent for this “x-y place indicator for a display system” filed in 1967, and US patent 3,541,541 was granted in 1970. Just being the first person to have an idea, did not means other cannot implement that idea in the better way? Later some other inventor made minor changes by using a ball instead of wood piece, got a patent for it, and heavily rewarded.

Catherine Hettinger (Annuity Renewals)

fidget Spinner LA

Catherine Hettinger, the novel inventor of Fidget spinner is not making a penny off her creation even as worldwide sales of the gadget is too high as dealer struggle to meet huge demands.

For the term of 8 years, Hettinger gained a patent on fidget spinner but give-up in middle, as she could not afford the $400 renewal fee at that time. How sad is it?

Making a successful invention is always the first step towards your goal. but the major resolution always depends on choosing the reliable patent consultant/firm that assists you in the complete patent procedure to get complete rewards of the invention.

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