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Cool Inventions,patent : How far can a human imagination go?

Well, from the weird and crazy to the downright out of the box inventions, get ready to be baffled by taking your imagination to an unknown destination. These cool inventions have never made it to production stage but made it to the list of absurd inventions ever.
Here are some of the interesting inventions that can make you chuckle —

Egg Yolk Separator (US 20140072687)

The gym -instructor advised you to eat a dozen eggs but without yolks? This one invention makes it easy for you.

Egg Yolk Separator

Optical Illusion Wear

Optical Illusion Wear (US 7107621)
 Congratulations to all the ladies after this crazy invention. It highlights body areas for attention and modifies their appearance based on the natural properties of the optical illusion pattern itself.

 Game Bird Decoy Coat (US 7036154)

 This patent can prevent you from being hunted in the jungle. Complete with feather patterns, a birdlike shape, and detachable tail, the bird will never see you coming. It provides a hunter, photographer, or other naturalist close proximity to birds while permitting rapid reaction to such birds once proximity access is gained.

Game Bird Decoy Coat

 Hiccup Treatment (US 7062320)

Now if drinking water upside down or holding your breath isn’t enough to soothe your hiccups, this device might just provide the perfect treatment. This device is made to zap hiccups away with a friendly shock of electricity. As the user drinks water, electrodes along a metal rod send an electric current to the vagus and phrenic nerve in an attempt to stop the hiccup.

Hiccup Treatment

Bat Suit (US 8196684)

 A completely dynamic human powered flying suit that is modeled after the bat’s style of aviation. The wearer of the flying suit would have to be towed, or ride on a bicycle, skis or rollerblades down an incline and then assume a leaning-forward flying posture and leap into the air at the appropriate moment.

Bat Suit

 Wind-Harnessing Bike (US 6932368)

Finally, a mode of transportation for the avid bicyclist who is also a die-hard sailing fiend: This wind-harnessing bike relies on the massive sail attached to its back wheel to move forward instead of conventional peddling.

Wind-Harnessing Bike

Solo-operable seesaw (US 6872145 B1)

 No friends on the playground? That’s perfectly fine; you only need one person to work this seesaw. 

Solo-operable seesaw

Magnetic ring (US 5989178 A)

If you wear these magnetic rings every night, the inventor claims you’ll never die. One thing to watch out for is to check if the inventor has died.

Magnetic ring

 Life Expectancy Watch (US 5031161 A)

The watch is supposed to predict the moment that you will die. The watch supposedly takes into account the wearer’s marital status, family history, exercise habits, diet, and other factors to come up with a time of death. On whom will you use it on except yourself – a quarreling neighbor, strict professor or on the boyfriend of your crush?

Life Expectancy Watch

 Brain Buzzer

Forget the energy drinks. Throw away the coffee pot. Bite down on this little wand and you’re going to get a jolt by receiving electric vibrations in the brain that an energy drink couldn’t provide if it reached out and slapped you in the mouth. We wish we knew about this during our boring school lectures. 

Brain Buzzer

Everyone who has read this article now knows what you can achieve by your strange imaginative thoughts in those boring classroom lectures, examination hall and a boring date. Think, imagine, design and just patent it.

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  1. Rama murthy October 30, 2018

    As long as the invention satisfies 3 conditions of patentability-novelty,usefulness and non-obviousness, it can be patented


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