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You must be searching on Google and taking advice from your friends or attending some career counselor for your Career. It may be your first job or you are changing for career growth, I think there is several career option, which you may adopt.

There is three kind of job, which people are looking for, first is Certainty, which means people, is looking for fix job, Place and Salary. On other hands, some people love surprises and find their relative jobs, which includes extra bonus or rewards, abroad tour etc. However, some people love to work on their requirement, they always look for job satisfaction, and they contribute to society by doing good works and fulfilling their goals.

Survey report indicates that IPR Industry giving lots of promising careers for fresher and person who want to change job for growth.

IPR Industry is exponentially growing for last 5 year. The number of patents, trademark, and copyrights registration grown to 35%. Not only the small inventors and research firms were registering their patent and trademark in India but also the company from all around the globe looking India as market and launching their product, which increases the outsourcing job to India. Patent Docketing, Patent Searching, Paralegal etc. jobs, which are, outsource to India. As India is having many Engineering Graduates, so the brand companies like IBM, GSK IS outsourcing their work to India. Legal services are costly in European Countries and the US so they outsource their work to India for patent docketing and communication with the patent office now done in Indian Companies.

IPR Industry Offer good salary for patent engineers. They can easily start their career with 3 lacs per annum as compared to any IT industry offers very less. Graduates with M.tech degree can get up to 5lacs package in beginnings.

This Industry gives easy and promising growth as compared to any Other Sector. In IP Sector, professionals offered 10-12 lacs after 2-3 year of experience. IPR Industry provides you your dream job to work with the highest brand in World and other desired company with international exposure. As most of the company work accordance with USPTO, that means you have to work for 5 days in a week.

The most important question asked by every fresher is, should they get the job in their domain? The Answer is yes, IPR cell work almost in all domain such as engineering, Medical, Mechanical Chemical, and many more where the improvement and invention happen IPR experts have their job done at that place.

During Your Technical Education Program, you might not be heard about IPR but with your technical Degree will help you as compare to time, money.

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  1. Reimatai Kasar May 26, 2018

    I am interested to work with your organization as a lead generation/BD executive as I have a good experience in this field/process.


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