What is Patentability Search?

A patentability search is a one of the basic kind of prior art search conducted on the behalf of a patent application, sometimes it’s called a patent novelty search or a prior art search. A patentability The search is conducted before filing the patent application. To crucial patentability, this search will help in: Assess the true novelty of the invention …

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The world of Intellectual property

What is LogicApt? LogicApt is a global Intellectual Property & Innovation support service partner for American and European law firms & corporations. The company is set up by the most experienced member in the industry has more than 6-8 years of practice in Intellectual property and Innovation support services. LogicApt works with a particular mission to enhance the execution of …

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LPO Logicapt

Outsource your legal projects to India

The outsourcing is not new to India. If one studies the market, BPO and KPO Sector are already producing more revenue. But in the field of legal outsourcing, the country is attracting the world. Legal process outsourcing (LPO) create various jobs for law professionals. The legal system outsourcing market is making at a fast rate by virtue of the making …

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