Patent Troll villain

Patent Troll: The Villain in Intellectual Property.

A patent troll by definition is a person or company who enforces patent rights against accused infringers with an objective to collect licensing fees but does not manufacture products or supply services based upon the patents in question. Mechanism A patent troll obtains the patents being sold at auctions by bankrupt companies attempting to liquidate their assets. The troll will …

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cool inventions

Cool Inventions,patent : How far can a human imagination go?

Well, from the weird and crazy to the downright out of the box inventions, get ready to be baffled by taking your imagination to an unknown destination. These cool inventions have never made it to production stage but made it to the list of absurd inventions ever. Here are some of the interesting inventions that can make you chuckle — …

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New patent cover designed for 10th Million Patent in USPTO

According to Under Secretary of commerce for intellectual property and the director of director of the USPTO “Andrei lancu” The USPTO is going to issue patent number 10 million on this June 19. This is an extraordinary success for the USPTO (the United States Patent and Trademark Office). Andrei said this is not just a number but this is 10 …

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Invention not patented

Famous invention that did not benefits to inventors

History says that the surest path to wealth is an invention. Scientists, engineers, and other people are working hard on the inventions to get gains on it. However, in some cases, the invention and his hard work for inventor did not work. Here, let us see top three inventors and his inventions that did not turn a profit for different …

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Intellectual Property Career

Choose IPR Industry for your Careers Growth

You must be searching on Google and taking advice from your friends or attending some career counselor for your Career. It may be your first job or you are changing for career growth, I think there is several career option, which you may adopt. There is three kind of job, which people are looking for, first is Certainty, which means …

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wind turbine design

Wind Turbines-Current Trends

The advancement in technology is sometimes boon to the human-kind. Recently the major attention is shifted towards the renewable power generation systems. In specific wind power generation systems. If we speak about a wind turbine you might be assuming the same old / conventional / horizontal wind turbine right? If yes, then you might be wrong. Here the latest developments …

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Blockchain Feature

Blockchain and its future

Certainly yes, for next few decades. Before discussing about Block-chain let’s give a shot what it is. Block-chain technology was invented by Pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 for developing crypto-currency namely Bitcoin. The main purpose of the blockchain is to reduce operating/Middleman to control. Further, the transactions are incorrupt, secure, the time taken for a transaction is minimal and increased the reducing cost …

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patent invalidity search logicapt

Patent Invalidation Search | Validity Search

Patent invalidity/validity searches are led to either approve the cases made by a patent or to negate at least one cases of a contender’s patent. It is the initial step taken by an organization when looked with a patent infringement claim. Legitimacy searches are additionally directed to check the quality of an allowed patent while investigating the accessible permitting choices. …

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logicpat Mohawk tribe sues Microsoft

Mohawk tribe sues Microsoft, Amazon for patent encroachment

SRC Labs exchanged some patent rights to the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe in August. The tribe recorded claims against Microsoft and Amazon, guaranteeing patent encroachment. The tribe pulled in consideration a month ago after Allergan cooperated with it, doling out the rights to the medication Restasis to the tribe. The Allergan bargain has drawn investigation from contenders and administrators. On …

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patent News logicapt

Nasdaq Awarded Patent for Block Chain Data Matching System.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted trade administrator Nasdaq a patent for a proposed blockchain-based information coordinating framework. Initially recorded in February, the patent portrays an information exchange and logging framework, with a blockchain used to track exchanges and clearing positions. The patent application was initially distributed in August and names Sweden-based Johan Toll and Fredrik Sjöblom as …

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